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There he was, standing and taking in the moonlight and the beauty of the woods around him. His face was lit up and had a peaceful glow. Nadia crept closer, brushing the branches from the bushes she was crouching in away from her face. He was standing on a rock by a small brook. He had been coming to this spot in the woods every day for a month and each day Nadia carefully watched his every movement. He smiled and Nadia moved for a closer look. His features were even more handsome when the moonlight reflected his eyes and big smile. "Why do you gaze but never show yourself or speak?" he suddenly asked. Nadia looked around, wondering who it was to he was talking. It could not be her, for she blended perfectly into the trees. Even her dark hair and green eyes blended in the darkness of the bushes. "It's okay, I don't mind that you look, I'm just curious," he continued. Nadia glanced around again and seeing no one, stepped forward into the clearing. She moved slowly and gracefully like a baby deer. Her thin but strong body glistened in the light and her eyes became soft and vulnerable, yet still mysterious to the man. He asked her, "Do you not speak? I don't wish to harm you." He turned to face her head on from his perch on the rock. His tall form towered over Nadia's small body. "I am Nadia, of the forest." was her answer. The man hid his surprise of the news that she was from the tribe of select few who roamed the forest. The forest people had always remained hidden and it was very rare to see one, much less one as beautiful as this woman before him. "Why is it that you watch me, Nadia of the forest?" the tall, handsome man called, stepping down from his perch and taking two steps towards Nadia. She looked scared at first, her scantily covered body quivering, but even so, she also took two steps towards the man in his dark colored suit. "Why is it that you come here, it is to see me or my land?" she countered, getting braver and coming even closer to the man, close enough so that he could feel her warm herb scented breath on his face and neck. This was not what he expected from a forest child. However, this woman was obviously not a child anymore and he felt himself stiffen a little now that he could see her so clearly and she was so close to him. She noticed this and smiled a little, only a little, but her smile was gone before he could fully realize that it had been there. She came closer still, and wrapped her arms around his waist, drawing him closer. He almost became scared that the tables were turning on him so quickly but his body could not deny the lust he suddenly felt raging through his blood and veins. It was almost unnatural, the amount of wanting he suddenly had for her and this also scared him. He did not know the ways of the forest people, no one did. If someone had ever met one before, then either they did not return or they had been changed in some way. Their personalities were altered and they always smelled slightly herbal if you got close to them. Nadia reached her hands up to his face, liking the feeling of fright mixed with anticipation she felt from him. She pulled him towards her, their bodies touching completely now and spoke. "What do they call you? I am Nadia, temptress of the forest tribe Akila."

Part Two

The man almost stuttered but managed to squeeze a "I'm Clay, Clay Firnue" out of his lips before ramming them towards this live and pulsing creature whose arms he was in. Nadia pushed his mouth away. She was in control of this. She slowly undid his belt and took off his jacket while he gave in to whatever she wanted. She painstakingly removed her sarong and top ever so slowly. She inwardly smirked as she heard Clay's gasp when he saw her naked body, she was a temptress after all. Totally in tune with her sexuality and confident in everything she ever had and would do to this man and men after him, she striped him down to his boxers. She ripped each piece of clothing off, almost causing him pain. The late night was chilly and her body reflected this. His eyes never left her body as he murmured her name, "Nadia." She knew he was hooked. She pressed her body to him before he knew what was happening and gave him a long painful kiss. Her sharp white teeth drew a small amount of blood on his lower lip. She caressed his chest, abs, and back slowly, moving lower. When her hands reached the top of his boxers though she pulled away and started striding towards a slightly hidden path between the bushes, leaving her clothes where she had taken them off. Clay looked at her figure walking away and then down at his best suit lying on the ground beside Nadia's clothes, then hurried after her onto the path through the path through the bushes. He noticed how the moonlight looked just as good on her backside as it did on her front side. She knew he was studying her body carefully and in awe. She did not mind. It did not matter, as long as he kept following her farther into the woods. It was almost hard to keep up with her, he was so smitten with lust and wanting but his body wanted what he saw and it pointed his way to her. Suddenly the path broke into a clearing and Nadia stopped, turning around to face Clay with a look of greed and power. Clay, so overcome by her did not notice this but came closer, trying to close in as much space between them as possible. Nadia frowned. Something was not right. She could smell it on him. It was the smell of alcohol, from the beer he had had before coming to the woods with the clearing and the brook. She considered leaving him here and finding a new source, but decided that enough time had passed so that it would not matter. She pulled him to her, squishing her full breasts against his broad chest. She knew what he wanted, but whether he would get exactly what he was expecting or not was up to her.

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I may be continuing this story at a later point, to try to make it into my first novel.  I will have to go back and give it a better introduction most likely as well... I'll do more introducing of Clay and tell why hes even out there to begin with
and is she going to seduce him? or is it a TRAP?


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Jul. 19th, 2010 05:57 am (UTC)
This is really good so far. i think you should try and make it into a book. Id buy it.
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